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Jeff Dunn
I am approaching my 21st year of teaching Visual Arts and my 5th year at Anchorage Public School. I have had the pleasure of working at Anchorage Public School in the summer camp program since 2001. I was super excited to join the awesome Anchorage Faculty in 2012 as the Kindergarten through 8th Art Teacher. The Anchorage Middle School Art Program is designed so that students will experiment with a variety of media throughout the school year to create amazing works of art. Your child will use critical thinking skills, learn to collaborate with others, and we will explore many diverse cultures in our world. I look forward to all the great things your child will learn and create this year.

Terri Harpool
I am so grateful to be here at Anchorage Public School as I begin my 24th year in education. As the 7/8 math teacher, it is my desire for every child to reach his or her maximum potential and I will provide all the support necessary for my students to reach their individual goals. Working as a classroom math teacher has been my calling in life and my top priority is to help students gain an appreciation for (and hopefully a love of) math. I truly believe that all students can achieve at high levels if only given the time, tools, and support needed to do so. I look forward to working together with you to best meet the individual needs of your children; as together, we prepare them for success beyond the walls of Anchorage Public School.

Jennifer Lanham
I teach 7th and 8th grade Language Arts at Anchorage Public School. I earned my B.A. in English at the University of Louisville and my M.A.T. in Middle and Secondary Education from the University of Louisville College of Education and Human Development. I began my career working with high school freshmen at Doss High School, but my focus has always been on middle school. Students in my classroom focus on pushing themselves in writing and reading. The students in my classrooms often focus on complex literature, classic and contemporary poetry, high-level non-fiction texts, strengthening grammar understanding, expanding vocabulary, Greek and Latin roots, and developing as capable and coherent writers. I work with each student as an individual to assess abilities and to formulate a plan to strengthen and build their abilities. My goal is to have every student produce gains in the subject area and encourage them to work hard everyday to become the best Language Arts student they are capable of becoming.

Carey McCoy
¡Hola a todos! I am so excited to begin my 2nd year teaching 7th/8th grade Spanish, and my 5th year here at Anchorage School. In my class we will develop Spanish language ability and global competency, as well as grow our interdisciplinary strengths of literacy and cognitive skills. I hope to provide a window to the world for these students during our time together. It’s always a blessing to be able to share my passion for education, culture and language with young people! I’m looking forward to another fantastic year! 

Raechel Minor
Hello! I am excited to be the 7/8 science teacher here at Anchorage. Middle school students are full of curiosity and still have a passion for learning. In my class students use hands on activities to grow individually as well as collectively. Collaboration is key to being successful and I scaffold my lessons to engage all learners. The use of scientific notebooks and labs will help students reach their goals and help me identify any needs. Students will self-assess and reflect daily on their learning. Every day is a brand new start. I look forward to working with you at Anchorage School.

Melissa Sangster
This will be my 26th year teaching here at Anchorage, and I am very thankful for all of those years! I am beginning to teach the children of the children I taught in my first years. I earned my undergrad in Middle School Education from EKU in 1991 and then my masters from U of L in 1996. From 2001 – 2011 I held National Board Certification in Early Adolescent English/Language Arts. In a letter I read to my homeroom students each year, I tell them that I remember clearly what it was like to be in middle school and that the day I forget what that felt like will be the day I stop teaching middle school. Math at the 6th grade level can be a love/hate relationship for students. I hope to foster that love side – or at least get it to “tolerate,” and to that end, I am available every morning at 7:30 for questions/troubles with homework as well as after school most days.

Karen Steltenpohl
Anchorage School is near and dear to my heart – not only did my children attend Anchorage, but so did I! I look forward to working with your student and helping them become more proficient computer users. The 7th and 8th grade technology program will focus on the Microsoft Office 2010 Products of Word, Excel and Power Point. Students will also be introduced to multi-media products such as Windows Movie Maker and digital cameras, as well as a brief understanding of how a network functions.

Ben VanKlompenberg
I teach 7th Grade World History and 8th Grade U.S. History here at Anchorage. I began my Anchorage journey in 2015, and am loving it. I was born and raised near Grand Rapids Michigan and pursued a Social Studies teaching degree at Grand Valley State University. Shortly after graduating, my wife and I moved to Houston Texas where I taught at a large urban High School for six years. I taught grades 10-12 World History, Advanced Placement World History, Economics, and Advanced Placement Macroeconomics. While in Texas, I attended the University of Houston in Clear Lake and earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. My central goal as a middle school teacher is to get the students ready for Social Studies at the High School level. To achieve this, I give my full attention and effort to create a learning environment with a high level of engagement and relevance in which students can take ownership of their learning.

Meg Wilson
As the APS Technology Integration Specialist, I am fortunate to work with both students and staff here at Anchorage. I have B.A. degrees from the University of Kentucky in elementary and special education (moderate and severe disabilities); and a M.Ed. from the University of Louisville in Gifted Education with a special focus on learning and brain theory. My best qualification, however, comes from the fact that I have two sons who are in high school, so I have been in your shoes! My goal is to help students use technology as a tool to maximize their entire educational experience. I want them be wise digital consumers and good cyber citizens. Their work in this course will help them learn about tools for locating, evaluating and sharing information (related to their content area instruction) in a safe and meaningful way.

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